Thursday Potpourri

Tonight’s edition of Thursday Potpourri will scan the topics of Saturday Night Live, Snow Days, Icicles, and Family.

First of all, if you didn’t catch it, SNL (Saturday Night Live) had its 40th anniversary show this past week.  In a word – hilarious.  Rolling Stones Magazine did an article ranking every single actor that ever appear as a cast member (not host) on the show.  What do you think about it?  Did they get it right?  Read it here:  ROLLING STONES RANKS SNL CAST MEMBERS

Second – I just need to take a second and scream.  AAAAAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!  We’ve been in the house since Sunday night.  While there have been a few brave souls venture out of our neighborhood, we have not seen them return.  Okay, that’s not true, but our road is still a solid sheet of ice.  I love my family, and I love spending time with them.  I just wish I could spend time with them like this in more than one place!  Poor Josie has cabin fever too.

This leads me to the wonders that are icicles.  We have captured a few shots of ones from our roof.  Its hard to get scale in the shot.  Trust me, they’re huge.

These are dangling over our back door.  Makes me nervous to go out..

Photo Feb 19, 8 22 14 AM

These are dangling out the window of our bedroom:

First this giant cluster – and these are about 18 inches long:

Photo Feb 19, 5 25 39 PM

And this one – it is at least 26 inches long, maybe more:

Photo Feb 19, 5 25 26 PM

But oh the fun we have had, watching our neighbors, across the street and to the left, attempt to go up their driveway.  Here’s a shot of Kristen and Josie watching out the window, as they made their 50th attempt up the drive.  I am grateful they finally stopped and parked on the street like we did:

Photo Feb 16, 3 09 56 PM

We were hoping to be able to get out tomorrow, but they’re calling for even more ice and snow!  Fortunately it is supposed to be 45 degrees and rain all day on Saturday, so hopefully it will ALL WASH AWAY!!!

Thursday Potpourri


1.  A weatherman in Phoenix wins the internet with this video of how he handled a technical snafu on his weather report.

2.  Last night, at around 11:45, we had an interesting situation crop up at our home.  I usually stay up later, and I was sitting in my chair catching up on some Top Gear episodes.  I hear some humming, and Josie comes bounding down the stairs.  She looks over at me and says “Hi Daddy!”  She was dressed, ready for school, and had her hair brush so Kristen could fix her hair.  I just stared at her – and said “What are you doing?  Its the middle of the night?”  She thought it was morning and time to eat breakfast.  Sigh…

3.  My prediction for the Super Bowl is still for the Seahawks to win.  I’m going to guess 21-10, Seahawks.

4.  Last winter, I won a teamaker.  I had always wanted to enjoy hot beverages, I just never could find one that I liked.  I don’t like coffee.  I never cared for hot tea.  Hot chocolate is always great, but isn’t the best for you!  I won a Breville teamaker, pictured below.  I had no idea that different teas were to be brewed at different temperatures and for different lengths.  Tonight – I’m enjoying a cup of David’s Tea – the Superberry flavor (discontinued).  I highly recommend their Honey Bee flavor. 

Photo Jan 29, 7 10 39 PM

Thursday Potpourri Volume 2


Thursday Potpourri is back.  Here are some random thoughts from the past week:

  1. “Deflate”gate is in full force, with the New England Patriots being accused of deflating footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts so they could have an edge in the poor weather.  My opinion – sure they did it.  How else do you explain it?  11 of 12 footballs deflated?  Did it make a difference in the final outcome?  Whose to say, but I don’t think the 40 point drumming of the Colts is due to a deflated football.  My prediction is that New England will lose a draft pick or two if found guilty.
  2. My pick for the Super Bowl this year, between the Seahawks and the Patriots, I’ll go with the Seahawks.
  3. I took a trip to McKay used bookstore today in Nashville.  I had never been to their newer location.  Its the size of a gymnasium – its massive – and its filled with books, dvds, cds, electronics, and more.  All these items are used, and a rather decent bargain.  I filled 3 totes with books, and 1 tote with DVDS, and made a decent amount of money selling those.  Word to the wise:  If you’re over there often, take the store credit – you’ll get practically double the cash you would receive.  It is a very clean, friendly environment.  I highly recommend it

Thursday Potpourri


Every once in a while, its good to just let your mind wander.  I don’t have a vast audience for my blog, but its a respectable group of folks and I’m appreciative for the hits each day.  Today, I’m just going to let my mind reflect on a few things I’ve been thinking on lately.

  1. Thanks to some good friends, Grey and Melanie Carter, I have gotten into the “Buy Sell Trade” Facebook pages.  These things are pretty cool.  I haven’t bought anything off any of them yet, but I have sold a few things – a train table, a pair of shoes, and a couple of movies.  If you have some junk around your house, join one of these groups.  I’m amazed at what people will sell or buy.
  2. I was disappointed this year that my Crimson Tide went out the way they did for the season, but truth be told, I thought they overachieved this year.  If you had told me at the beginning of the year that Ohio State would have won the inaugural playoff run – I would have said you were nuts.  Congrats to the Buckeyes.
  3. Josie has been in the process of losing her two front teeth for about a month now.  Its almost cartoonish to look at her cute little smile.
  4. My wife and I have been really into the thought process of down-sizing our possessions.  The other day, I went through my closet and pulled out about 15 shirts that I haven’t worn in the past year.  I haven’t gone through my drawers and storage.  When was the last time you did some cleaning like that?  I found it rather therapeutic.
  5. I’m not a big fan of the “winter breaks” that a lot of television shows are taking these days.  I suppose its nice to have continuity without weeks in between shows all year long – but lots of the best shows seem to take about a 2 month break these days.  What show are you looking forward to returning?
  6. I’m trying to get in more reading this year as well.  The current book I’m reading is entitled : “Satan and His Kingdom: What the Bible Says and How it Matters to You” written by Dennis McCallum.  Its a good read on how to understand the Evil One a bit more, and how he attacks us, how he works, the powers he possesses, and much more.

I hope your 2015 has started off great!