Thursday Potpourri


1.  A weatherman in Phoenix wins the internet with this video of how he handled a technical snafu on his weather report.

2.  Last night, at around 11:45, we had an interesting situation crop up at our home.  I usually stay up later, and I was sitting in my chair catching up on some Top Gear episodes.  I hear some humming, and Josie comes bounding down the stairs.  She looks over at me and says “Hi Daddy!”  She was dressed, ready for school, and had her hair brush so Kristen could fix her hair.  I just stared at her – and said “What are you doing?  Its the middle of the night?”  She thought it was morning and time to eat breakfast.  Sigh…

3.  My prediction for the Super Bowl is still for the Seahawks to win.  I’m going to guess 21-10, Seahawks.

4.  Last winter, I won a teamaker.  I had always wanted to enjoy hot beverages, I just never could find one that I liked.  I don’t like coffee.  I never cared for hot tea.  Hot chocolate is always great, but isn’t the best for you!  I won a Breville teamaker, pictured below.  I had no idea that different teas were to be brewed at different temperatures and for different lengths.  Tonight – I’m enjoying a cup of David’s Tea – the Superberry flavor (discontinued).  I highly recommend their Honey Bee flavor. 

Photo Jan 29, 7 10 39 PM

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