Another Football Season: Roll Tide, War Eagle, and Other Such Nonsense


Well, it’s that time again.

Time to sit and watch hours upon hours of football.  Grab the chips and salsa.  Grab the cooler.  Grab the wings.

And sadly, in these days, time to grab your smartphone, click on your social media app, and give everyone a play by play of how your team is doing.  If things are going your way, you rub it in everyone’s newsfeed.  If your team is doing terrible, you’re mysteriously silent.  If your team catches up, it’s the greatest comeback in the history of anything.

Football + Social media tends to make harmless, normal, loving people into obnoxious jerks.

We all seem to think our team is the best.  And the other team is the worst.

We all become experts on all things football.

And we all become like Weird Al in his “Sports Song” (by the way, I don’t condone the use of the word “sucks” but the rest of the video is hilarious).  Watch the video below, and then continue reading:

Each year, I make a formal proclamation at the beginning of the football season on my Facebook page.

See, I am what’s known as an Alabama fan.  And I’m a recovering fan-a-holic.

The past few years, I’ve made this statement on my page:

“Football season is here. I love watching college and the pros. As I have done for the past few years I am vowing not to make any Crimson Tide comments throughout the year. While many college football comments are harmless – often times people get carried away on social media and end up insulting others with their comments. So until the last snap of the year – Roll Tide! Go SEC!!”

 We need to be careful how we come across in our fanaticism.  I love being an Alabama fan.  I’m a Yankees fan.  I’m a Titans fan.  I love my “sports teams” and think they’re the greatest.  But we just need to remember how we come across as we’re posting our comments.
Love your team, but love others.

Thursday Potpourri


Every once in a while, its good to just let your mind wander.  I don’t have a vast audience for my blog, but its a respectable group of folks and I’m appreciative for the hits each day.  Today, I’m just going to let my mind reflect on a few things I’ve been thinking on lately.

  1. Thanks to some good friends, Grey and Melanie Carter, I have gotten into the “Buy Sell Trade” Facebook pages.  These things are pretty cool.  I haven’t bought anything off any of them yet, but I have sold a few things – a train table, a pair of shoes, and a couple of movies.  If you have some junk around your house, join one of these groups.  I’m amazed at what people will sell or buy.
  2. I was disappointed this year that my Crimson Tide went out the way they did for the season, but truth be told, I thought they overachieved this year.  If you had told me at the beginning of the year that Ohio State would have won the inaugural playoff run – I would have said you were nuts.  Congrats to the Buckeyes.
  3. Josie has been in the process of losing her two front teeth for about a month now.  Its almost cartoonish to look at her cute little smile.
  4. My wife and I have been really into the thought process of down-sizing our possessions.  The other day, I went through my closet and pulled out about 15 shirts that I haven’t worn in the past year.  I haven’t gone through my drawers and storage.  When was the last time you did some cleaning like that?  I found it rather therapeutic.
  5. I’m not a big fan of the “winter breaks” that a lot of television shows are taking these days.  I suppose its nice to have continuity without weeks in between shows all year long – but lots of the best shows seem to take about a 2 month break these days.  What show are you looking forward to returning?
  6. I’m trying to get in more reading this year as well.  The current book I’m reading is entitled : “Satan and His Kingdom: What the Bible Says and How it Matters to You” written by Dennis McCallum.  Its a good read on how to understand the Evil One a bit more, and how he attacks us, how he works, the powers he possesses, and much more.

I hope your 2015 has started off great!