My trip to China

For the past 2 weeks, I have been diligently working on a really cool blog post full of wonderful pictures and details about my mission to China.

However, it is just taking entirely too long. So, what I did was publish all my pictures to my facebook page. If you have an account, and you’re my “friend” on facebook, you’ll have no problem viewing those.

If you do not have a facebook account, you can go view the pictures by clicking on the following links:

China Picture Album Part 1

China Picture Album Part 2

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Home, a Great Place to be

Hey everyone. If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted a single thing in the past three weeks, its simple — I haven’t been here!

I got to spend a wonderful week at the Pepperdine Lectures with my good friend Jason Bybee, and from there I went across the world to China to spend time with my good friend Kevin Westmoreland, and several other old and new friends.

I have been working on trying to put together a review of the past three weeks, but all I can think about is sleep since I have returned. Jet lag has really gotten to me this time. I hope that during this holiday weekend, I can put together a report of my Pepperdine experience and my China experience.

So here’s to being home. Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes. Love you all.