Help Wanted: Do You Have What it Takes?


Can you help me out for a second?

I’m in the process of trying to commit more time to writing on my blog.  One thing that is needed to make a blog successful is to have some followers.  I have several right now, but am looking to increase my readership.

I don’t want to do this just so I can have massive amounts of people following.  In fact, I’m not a numbers guy at all.  The reason I want to do this is because I feel like this is a very effective way of reaching people who are lost, reaching those who are spiritually confused, or those who are seeking.  You never know what someone scrolling through social media may be struggling with these days, and when you share something – it may be just what someone needs that day!

You can help me in these ways:

  1. Please “Follow” my blog via email.  I will never spam you, or send you requests for things – this simply means that when I make a post, you’ll get an email notifying you that I have a new blog post up.  You can do this by looking to the top right of the page, and click on the “Follow” button.  It looks like this:


  2. Favorite and Re-tweet my posts on Twitter.  I automatically share my posts to Twitter when I publish them, so if you see them on Twitter – could you just hit the Favorite button, and then hit the re-tweet button as well.  You can follow me on Twitter @lanewidick
  3. Like and Share my posts on Facebook.  Just hit the like button, and then hit the share button.  You can make a comment, you can tag someone in the share that you know may need that thought that day.
  4. Do this for others.  For ministers, this is just one extra way we can enlarge our sphere of influence for the Kingdom.

Thanks everyone!

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