The Widick Family – The 2014 Christmas Gift to our Parents

This year for Christmas me and my siblings decided to get my mom and dad a wonderful present that would trap a moment in time forever.  Pictures are always a wonderful present.  Special shout out to Mollie Cochrane who did the shoot at Edwin Warner Park in Nashville, TN.  It only took us about 4 years to get around to doing this…life is paved with good intentions, right?

Me, my wife Kristen, and my little girl Josie:


My sister Mary Anne, her husband Kevin, and their kids Faith and John Derrick:


My brother Marty, his wife Penny, and their kids Emilynne, Nathaniel, and Susannah:


All the kids and their families:


Me, my brother Marty, and my sister Mary Anne:


And finally – one of all the grandkids:


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