Things That Make This Grown Man Cry: Volume 1


  1. Watching a group of grown men praise God after the NFC Championship football game – giving Him glory and honor for their talents.  Bonus – having a guy from the losing Packers team in the circle with a bunch of Seahawks players, plus having a coach in there as well.

    (This picture is actually from the Rams/Seahawks game on December 29, 2014)


  2. Hearing people tell you that they’ve been praying for you.  Knowing that they are sincere.
  3. Today we snuck over to my parents to worship with them at Maple Hill.  I love watching my father play with my daughter.  He’s so patient, loving, kind, and compassionate.  He brought down an old jar of bubble gum trinkets from when he was a small child, and told of how his grandfather used to give him 10 pennies every Saturday, and he would get 10 trinkets out of the bubble gum machines.  He saved all of them, and he was able to make my modern, technological loving little girl be awe inspired by small, tiny, plastic trinkets from 60 years ago.

    (these weren’t the actual trinkets – I failed to snap a picture of the two of them looking at them – my father’s trinkets were much older!)


  4. God’s blessings.  When I stop and think about how much He loves me – I can’t help but shed a tear.

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