My Favorite Websites: mental_floss


Most of us have websites that we frequently visit.  For many, it has something to do with our career or hobbies.

One of my favorite websites doesn’t really deal with my career, but it somewhat deals with a hobby of mine – pop culture.

The website is one that I visit almost daily.  It is filled with all sorts of wonderful but often useless information.  Take for example one of today’s trending posts about parody singer Weird Al Yankovic:

Every few days or so, they also release a new video that, for those of us who love strange and odd facts, is just wonderful.  Their second episode was a smash hit – and it was about Mr. Rogers:

While there are many different hosts, my favorite is the one featured in this video – John Green – who also wrote the book “The Fault in Our Stars.”  There are also about 225 episodes to date, so there are plenty of awesome, fact discovering lessons to learn!

Subscribe to their Youtube channel, and be amazed!

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