2015: The Year of Praise update


Praising God Today for…

  1. My new ministry:  I will join the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ as their preaching minister on March 1.  You can learn more about the church at http://www.tampachurch.org

  2. Stuff:  You know, God has blessed us all.  We have stuff.  I have clothes, a bed, a home, a car, and so much more.  As we prepare to sell our home, we’ve been able to bless others with so many things that we no longer use, need, or want.  Stuff is great, but let’s make sure we don’t get too attached!
  3. Friends:  God has blessed me with so many great relationships.  Today, I was reminded at our monthly preacher’s lunch that I have some great friends, who love me, care for me, and are genuinely concerned about our future in Tampa.

Remember – 2015 is the “Year of Praise” and we need to remember to praise God every day for the things He has done for us.

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