Why I Love Granny White (The Church, not the Person)

Over the next few days/weeks, I want to share with you the many reasons why I love my church family. I am currently serving as the preaching/executive minister for the Granny White Church of Christ. For anyone outside of our immediate area, that name probably sounds rather odd, but we are named aptly for the street on which our building is located, 3805 Granny White Pike. Even though it sounds like it, we are NOT named after a person!

I know that many of you worship with, serve with, and work for wonderful church families. The purpose of these posts are not so I can tell you how much better we are than you. My purpose is really to inform you of the great work this church family is doing.

On September 12, 2011, my family started a new chapter as we moved “home” to Nashville from the West University Church in Houston, TX, and began working with the Granny White Church of Christ (often referred to as GW).

It was hard to leave the dear friends we had made in Houston. The West University Church of Christ is a small congregation in the heart of Houston, struggling to find members due to its urban location, but working hard to further the Kingdom of God.

Long story short, when offered a job here, after much prayer, we took a job at GW and moved to Nashville. We began our ministry, and have been growing ever since.

Over the next few days/weeks, I want to explain to you more why we took this job. I can assure you – I would never pack up my family and make such a big move if I didn’t fully believe in the place, and I fully believed after I met with the elders, members, staff, and friends of the GW Church of Christ, I would not have moved here.

What I will leave you with is this – the people are GW are scriptural, loving, friendly, and on fire for God. There are some amazing things happening here, and we’d love for you to come and be a part of it.

You can always visit our site at http://www.grannywhitechurch.org. For our members, feel free to comment on the blog, facebook post of the blog, or reply to the twitter feed for why YOU love GW.

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