What do you worship?

Taken from the Louie Giglio book “The Air I Breathe”:

You, my friend…are a worshiper!

Every day, all day long, everywhere you go, you worship.  Its what you do.  Its who you are.

We all are worshipers, created to bring pleasure and glory to God who made us.

I don’t know if you consider yourself a “worshiping” kind of person, but you cannot help but worship – something.

Its what you were made to do.

Should you for some reason choose not to give God what He desires, you’ll still worship something – exchanging the Creator for something He has created.

Think of it this way:  Worship is simply about value.  The simplest definition I can give is this:  Worship is our response to what we value most.

That’s why worship is that thing we all do.  Its what we’re all about on any given day.  Because worship is about saying “This person, this thing, this experience – is what matters to me.  Its what I put first in my life.”

That “thing” might be a relationship.  A dream.  Friends.  Status.  Stuff.  A name.  Some kind of pleasure.  Whatever name you put on it, this thing or person is what you’ve concluded in your heart is worth most to you.  And whatever is worth most to you is – you guessed it – what you worship.

Worship tells us what we value most.  As a result, worship determines our actions, becoming the driving force for all we do.

So how do you know where and what you worship?

Its easy.  You simply follow the trail of your time, your affection, your energy, your money, and your loyalty.  At the end of that trail you’ll find a throne; and whatever, or whomever, is on that throne is what’s of highest value to you.  On that throne is what you worship.

Not too many of us walk around saying “I worship my stuff.  I worship my job.  I worship this pleasure.  I worship her.  I worship my body.  I worship me!”

But the trail never lies.  We may say we value this thing or that thing more than any other, but the volume of our actions speak louder than our words.

In the end, our worship is more about what we do than what we say.

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