Sermon in Song

This Sunday, we’ll be doing something a little different at West University Church of Christ.  I currently serve as the Associate Minister, but I also serve as the Worship Minister.

Many people have different philosophies on worship.  Should we use a praise team?  Should we use instruments?  Should we raise our hands?  Should we clap?  Should we kneel?  Should we use a song leader?  Is there a difference between a song leader and a worship leader?

We will be focusing on worship this week at our assembly.  Recently, I posted a poll about how long my readers feel the average sermon should last on Sunday morning.  One of the options I gave was to have more songs and scriptures, intermingled with sermon points in between.  That is what we will be trying this Sunday.

I’m eager to see how people will receive this.  I feel that many of us, when we “go to church”, expect a certain thing.  We feel that there is only way to do that certain thing.  If we don’t do that certain thing, many feel that we haven’t worshiped properly.  I suppose that’s my question — is there a certain way you have to worship?

We will be singing many new songs, many old songs, and many favorite songs.  If you have a chance to stop by the West University Church of Christ at 3407 Bissonnet Street in Houston, TX, please do!

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