Tomorrow When You Go To Church


Tomorrow when you go to church, remember to praise God.  Remember that God took time to create the heavens, and the earth, and all the things in it.  Remember he took time to create life – full of emotions, love, friendships, family, and much more.  Remember he took time to create you.

Tomorrow when you go to church, remember how much it cost.  No, I’m not talking about the building you’re in, or the property you’re on, or anything else like that.  Sure you may be in a pretty building – and it may be brand new, or renovated, or old, or dilapidated – but that’s not what I’m talking about.  The church you are a part of cost someone his life.  God almighty, the one who created you, sent his Son to die for you because you messed up.

Tomorrow when you go to church, remember to love.  Love others.  Be kind.  Don’t just love people you know, but love the ones who come through the door that you’ve never met before.  Talk to them, ask them to sit with you, and be genuine.  Ask them out to lunch, and enjoy making new friends over Mexican food.

Tomorrow when you go to church, know that the preacher has worked very hard to prepare a message.  He’s prayed about it, studied for it, practiced going over it, and is excited about it.  The message may or may not directly affect you – so if you’re a single person and he’s talking about marriage – be prayerful that will help the marriages in your congregation, and that maybe it will help you as you search for your soulmate.

Tomorrow when you go to church, remember that the song leader/worship minister did not pick songs out that you don’t like on purpose.  Typically, they pick songs out that go along with the theme of the message that the preacher is preaching.  He did not think “What song does Joe not care for that I could lead so I can annoy him?”  I promise, that’s not what happened.

Tomorrow when you go to church, remember its not just about praising God – but its also about edifying and building each other up.  You can do this by smiling at someone, talking to someone, helping someone around, and making them feel comfortable worshipping as well.

And finally, remember – tomorrow, go to church.  Not just because its what God wants, but because the church needs you.