Safety in the Storm


On Thursday night, we had a major storm move through the area where we live.

At about 8pm, the Tornado Warning popped up while watching the weather report.  Kristen and I chatted a bit, and decided at one loud crack of thunder to go and get our little gal and bring her downstairs to our “safe place” – which ended up being our couch watching the weather.

Josie sat down on the couch, and we watched Ron Howes on News Channel 5 show us where the warnings and watches and storms were located.  We could hear the sirens blaring, the trees waving, the winds howling, and see the lightning flashes.

When Josie came downstairs, she was tense, nervous, apprehensive, worried….the list goes on and on.  We laid her down, put her blanket over her, let her cling to her baby doll, and then I sat down next to her.  We watched the radar, I explained what was going on, gave her a quick science lesson on weather, and then we waited.

She went from nervous to calm.  That is, until we told her that the warnings had passed, and we were going to take her back upstairs to go to bed.  She began to get nervous again – and that’s when I showed her the radar, and showed her that the worst part had passed, that from now on there would be some wind, and some rain, and some lightning, but the worst was behind us.

I looked at her and asked her – do you understand?  She nodded yes.  Then I asked her – do you trust me?  Again, she nodded yes, albeit not quite as enthusiastically.

I told her I’d be right here for her – and if she needed us to call out to us. Kristen got her flashlight, Josie got hers, and they marched off to bed.

Doesn’t that remind you of something?

Sin and death was prevalent.  The warnings came from the prophets.

Christ came and told us how to protect ourselves.

He conquered death.

The worst part passed – death was defeated.

He looked at us and said “I’m going back home now, but I’ll be right here to protect you.  If you need me, just call on me.”

What a mighty God we serve.