The Great Ice Storm of 2015: Day 3

Well, here we are, day 3 of the great ice storm of 2015.  Still stuck inside.

I got out of the house today to walk down to the end of our road, just to see what the cross street looked like.  First of all, here’s our driveway (it IS under there, I promise..):


If you look right out of our driveway, you see this:


If you look left out of our driveway, you see this:


When you get to Old Smyrna Road, this is what you see when you turn right:


And this is what you see when you turn left (Notice, the 4-wheel drive Jeep that spun off the road and sat overnight…):


Needless to say – unless there is a major emergency, we will not be getting out tonight, or more than likely tomorrow, since the HIGH in the morning is supposed to be a Canadian-like NEGATIVE 8 degrees!!  That’s right, -8 in Nashville.

I did stop a brave motorist driving down our road.  He did assure me that if I could get to the main roads, they are clear, however he also said that if he had it to do over again, he would not have driven out of our subdivision.  The only ways in and out of our subdivision is on a crooked and hilly road.

Be safe out there.