I need a moment…


I need a moment of your time.  I need to make sure, however, that I word this correctly.

Over the next few days, I will be experiencing a wide variety of thoughts, moments, and more.

Will you pray for me?  Will you pray for my sweet wife?  Will you pray for my awesome daughter?

Nothing’s wrong, no problems going on, just a lot of life.  I’ll explain it more in detail as we move forward.

I serve a mighty God.  I serve a great and wonderful church.  I have an amazing – let me reiterate – AMAZING family.  I have some wonderful friends and co-workers.  I’m blessed more than I deserve.

But sometimes, we just have a few struggles that need some extra prayers.  Again, there’s nothing “wrong” – that you need to worry about.  We just need some of that “peace that passes all understanding” stuff at this point.

We need a house.  And nothing I’ve looked at has really felt like the one.  Lord willing, we WILL close on our house Thursday in Nashville.  Prayers for it to all go smoothly.

One comment on “I need a moment…

  1. Prayers for the momentous transition stuff that has to go on. I really do get it! It’s rough not only on our immediate family but our church families our intimate friends that we leave and then all the haywire stuff in dealing with selling houses, looking for houses, making offers, shutting down accounts, opening new ones and the those stupid Fl auto licensing fees. In the end it is all worth it and we are better for it as it develops patience and waiting on God! 😊

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