Start a Fire in ME!


Winter is hard.  We had an usually cold winter in Tennessee, coupled with a whole lot of snow days (well, actually they were “ice days).

Winter in Middle Tennessee tends to be very gray, dark, and icky.  Having spent most of my life there, every winter brought about some form of the blues.  A lot of time, it tends to zap the energy right out of you.  Its not just physical energy either.  Spiritual, relational, and any other type of energy can fall away if you’re not careful.

Today in Tampa, it was a very pleasant 68-72 degrees.  I found myself going for an afternoon walk.  I walked for about 40 minutes around the neighborhood.  Sun shining brightly, crisp air about me, and for the first time in a long time – I felt completely rejuvenated.  I found myself praying the entire time.  I prayed for:

1.  My super awesome wife, without whom I would completely fall apart
2.  My sweet daughter, who inspires me each day to be a better person
3.  My fellow ministers at Northwest Tampa – Keith, Matt, and Matt – who all have their own personal things they’re dealing with right now, that they would be strengthened and encouraged
4.  My elders at Northwest Tampa – Bob, George, Tracy, Tim, Keith, and Lewis – that God would provide them with strength, wisdom, and insight
5.  My enemies – well, okay – not my enemies, but some people who I have some very bitter feelings toward, that God would remove that energy killer from my life
6.  For my house to sell in Nashville, and for us to be able to buy a home here that my wife and I truly adore.  We’ve hit a few speed bumps, but we know God is in control.
7.  Most of all, I prayed for my Northwest Tampa Church of Christ family.  I found myself not being able to find the right words – and I ended up saying to God “please, light a fire under our rear ends so we will get up and reach Tampa.”  That made me think of this song:

May God start a fire in all of us.  May God bless your week with opportunity to reach others for HIM.

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