It Begins…I’m Home


This morning was my first morning as the minister of the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ.  What a GREAT family it is.  I was welcomed by so many, handshakes and hugs abounded, and lots and lots of smiles.

The best was when on gentleman came up to me, grabbed my hand and put his other hand on my shoulder, and simply said “Lane, welcome home.”

I was especially moved during the moment right before my first sermon, all of the elders, deacons, and ministers were invited on stage, we held hands, and they prayed for me and my family, the work we will do, and the work the church will do all for the glory of God.

There are names to learn, people to love, and encouragement to give.  There are lessons to be taught, prayers to be lifted, and praises to be shared.

God’s church met all over the world today.  And I praise Him for it.  Wherever you are, may God bless you and your ministry.  Please pray for mine and my new church family as it begins.

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