The Great Ice Age of 2015

I’m sitting in my wife’s car, in front of our house. I decided to come out today to start it and melt the ice off. I’ve been sitting here with the defroster on for 10 minutes now and here is my windshield:


The yard looks like it has snow, but nope. It’s ice as well. Not sure how I will gracefully go down the hill back to the front door:


I’ve seen a few cars drive down the road today. Not sure what they’re thinking. It’s solid ice as well:


School is out for the rest of the week. Kristen was commenting today that it’s so sad that people can’t just enjoy being at home – that it seems like people have an itch to have to get out of the house.

Stay home. Stay warm. Be safe. Enjoy some time off, whether you wanted it or not.

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