Tonight, I’m Thankful. Are You?

Two Sundays from now, Lord willing, I’ll be starting my new ministry in Tampa, Florida at the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ.

As a preacher, I don’t often have opportunities to visit other churches.  I’ve been blessed over the past few weeks to do so.  This weekend, we drove down to Huntsville and visited with friends and family.  We celebrated Valentine’s day at my wife’s sister’s home, and got to celebrate with her family.  I’m thankful for loving in-laws that care deeply about us.

I’m thankful that we got to see Kristen’s “Pa” – her grandfather, who was a gospel preacher for many years.  Old age has pushed him out of that career, but I have such an awe and respect for him and his years of service.  He never made fortunes.  He served humbly.

I’m thankful this weekend that I was able to visit my oldest and dearest friend, Jason.  He is doing such a marvelous work at the Mayfair Church of Christ in Huntsville, AL.  God has blessed him with such a talent.  I was blessed tonight to be able to speak to this fine church.

I’m thankful that my family got to spend an entire day with his family.  How sweet it was to watch our children play together.  Childhood friends watching their children play together is a great moment to witness.

I’m thankful for a God who loves me, forgives me, blesses me, and watches over me.

I’m thankful the most awesome wife in the entire world.

I’m blessed, and I’m thankful.  Are you?

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