Thursday Potpourri


Tonight – I’d like to share with you a link to an article I read this past week that have me thinking…a lot… and some other random thoughts.

1.  Cyber Stupidity?  Here is an amazingly well written article about some social media faux pas that some individuals made, and how the cyber community responded.  We need to always remember what we post publicly will always be critiqued.  But, we must also remember, that there is no reason to belittle people for a momentary lapse in judgement.

2.  Today, our realtor came by with a professional photographer to snap shots of our home before we put it up for sale.  Its making me more and more anxious to begin my new ministry in Florida!  Trust me, its worth it to pay the ext a $$$ to get a professional photographer to snap shots of your house.  They make your home look great!!

3.  So how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Do go all out and do something special for your loved ones?  Do you avoid going out to eat like the plague?  Do you think its just a cheesy consumer driven holiday by Hallmark?

4.  App of the week – Trivia Crack.  If you’re not playing, you’re missing out!

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