Huh? (The one about if you were paying attention in church today…)


What did your preacher teach about this morning during his sermon?  What did you teacher talk about in class?

Since I started working in ministry 14 years ago, I’ve realized that Sunday morning doesn’t just happen – but rather it takes days of preparation.  I have a great respect for those who preach and teach.

Most ministers will spend anywhere from 15-40 hours preparing for the 30 minutes they will preach on Sunday mornings.  For those ministers who work for churches who still have a traditional Sunday evening service, you can add even more time to that.  On top of that, they have to prepare and study for their Sunday morning class if they teach one.  What impresses me even more are those who work a full time job, and still volunteer to teach.

How do you reward your preacher for the time he’s put into the lesson?  How do you reward the teacher who takes time above and beyond their regular job and life to prepare to teach? Do you simply sit there and listen?  Those who teach and preach spend a lot of time preparing so you can learn.  So, let me suggest a few things that will help encourage your preachers and teachers at church, and will in return bless you as well.

  1. Take notes.  Find a good note taking app for your phone, bring an old fashioned notebook.  Jot things down in your Bible.  My wife has been taking notes for as long as we’ve been married, and began long before we got married.  It helps her listen and retain things that were taught.
  2. Embrace what was taught.  How do you do this?  You live it.  You show it.  You bring it up with the teacher.
  3. Share thoughts on social media – facebook, twitter, instagram.  Not many things can encourage a preacher or teacher more than when he’s flipping through Facebook, or sees himself tagged in a tweet – that is someone quoting from his sermon or lesson.  Not only are you encouraging them, but you’re also inviting others to share in what was taught that day.
  4. Thank them.  Let them know you appreciate their lesson.  Even better – send an email the next day, or on a Thursday, to let them know you’re still thinking about what was said on Sunday.
  5. Finally – Remember what was taught.  If I were to ask you all what did your preacher speak on his sermon at your last service, could you answer in detail?  If I asked you what your Sunday morning class teacher taught about, could you answer in detail?  Or is all you remember the fact that you were at church and songs were sung, prayers were prayed, communion was served, and some dude got up to teach?

Sure there are other things that could make a difference, but I believe these 5 things will not only help your preachers and teachers to know you appreciate them, but you will find it enriches your life as well.

So, tonight, take a moment and go on social media and tag your preacher/teacher in a post, sharing how you appreciate them, and the key thoughts from the lesson.

P.S. – this works for all areas in the church – don’t forget about your kids’ teachers, your worship leader, the people leading prayers, and the list goes on and on.  Not only do these things boost their self esteem a bit – but it also helps spread the Good News!

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