Hello, My Name is Church


Go read this article, and then come back to see my thoughts:

I believe that “church” in general often gets a beating when it doesn’t deserve it.  Yes, there are churches that do a poor job, that focus on themselves more than God and others.

Churches aren’t perfect, but we do worship a perfect Savior.  Recently at our congregation, we’ve had a young mother start bringing her child to worship.  The father is not against church, he just hasn’t found a reason or motivation to attend.  For some, the desire to be a part of a church family is strong, for others, it means nothing at all.

This year, if you’re not attending anywhere, make it a goal to attend a local congregation.  If you’re in the Nashville area, I invite you to attend the church I work with – the Granny White Pike Church of Christ.  Find a place, visit, and if its not a good fit, move on to a different place – but please, don’t give up on church, because Jesus hasn’t given up on you.

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